First Class Health grew out of a need for me to provide somewhere for all my clients to be able to access information on several of the products and basic recommendations I make, all in one convenient place.

Since 2004 I have been working as a therapist and all of my therapies are covered in Over the years, I have met so many experts in their field who have introduced me to some amazing products that I use every day.

As a Natural Health Consultant, after an initial visit I may send several emails to clients with recommendations for products that are the essentials for good health.  Often these basics are the same for most people – good water, clean skincare and toiletries, organic, non-GMO supplements without any fillers or binders and non-toxic cleaning products for around the home.

I hope this is a place you can come to for information that is in plain English, somewhere you might learn something new, as I often spend my time with very interesting people, learning about new therapies and products and I am always happy to share that information with you and update as I discover more.


When guiding people through a detox, one of the first things to establish, is that you’re not putting new toxins in, as fast as the old ones are coming out – so it’s essential that we look at skin care products, cleaning products and of course our diet, to minimize the ongoing load.

Just eat good food, give your body the optimum environment and sometimes a little help to kick start it’s own energy production and only then supplement what you really need, a much better use of your hard earned cash – just because I talk about a supplement here, doesn’t mean it’s for everyone all the time, be more discerning

I hope this is a place you will pop into periodically to see what’s new – posts may be focusing on a particular product, highlighting some of the lengths some companies go to in all sorts of ways I have been very impressed with, maybe going into more detail on the packaging a company uses and how to recycle or just fun and informative posts because I have attended an interesting seminar and want to share

Learning the basics here, will also mean you get more out of a health consultation with your Doctor or consultant, as you educate yourself on the basics.  I’d be delighted also if making  just a few of these simple changes to your regular buying habits, means that you don’t ever need to book a consultation with me, as you start to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing

I also am proud to support a couple of outstanding companies who go the extra mile behind the scenes to ensure that their environmental footprint is impeccable, whether it’s where they source their ingredients, to the packaging and the way their products benefit the environment

There is no dogma here, no magic bullet or special formula – it’s each to their own, some companies are way ahead and some are on the path – I welcome them all if they have an open mind and are currently doing the best they can.  I believe if we all vote with our wallets every day, the small buying decisions over time, with enough people, can indeed have a big impact on the planet

Spring forest reflecting in water

So if this makes you think, or plants a few seeds about the cleaning products and toiletries you flush down your loo and sink, which end up in our rivers and seas, impacting wildlife, the effect of the quality of the water and products you give your animals and the things you feed our plant friends with – then great.

I shall aim to offer a mix of free information and things that you can do for your health that cost nothing – sleep, grounding, exercise, better breathing habits, a healthy mind, I shall, where I can, find cheaper alternatives for different income brackets, but investing money in your health is a no brainer and good quality products are an investment that will pay you back in spades.  Being self employed, I can tell you about the hacking cough I had years ago, that lasted for weeks and cost me thousands in cancelled appointments – when self employed, when you don’t work, you don’t get paid – so I make sure I do everything in my power to boost my immune system so this never happens again – at times I’ve done this on absolutely no budget too – it doesn’t have to be expensive. Put some things in stock in the cupboard so you are not desperately ordering online when you go down with something, praying for it to arrive – have a first aid kit ready for those times when we all get caught with a bug, but if you can immediately reach for something, trust me, at that point you’ll be so glad you did – I know I have a simple, tried and tested stock of some things for just such an occasion and boy do they help, so I shall be sharing those with you too

By the time I recommend a product, I have probably tried and thrown out several others – so I completely understand the dilemma of complete overwhelm when trying to decide where best to spend your money – often the companies selling products with the cheapest ingredients, have the most money to spend on seductive marketing

In most cases I try and meet the owners of the companies, visit the factory or where the ingredients are sourced, spend time with them – I have been welcomed with open arms by small, family companies and large companies alike, who are proud of the efforts they make and have nothing to hide – if I can’t meet or talk with the person formulating the products, it’s a red flag for me

I have a shed full of machines and devices that didn’t make the grade, so if I can pass on some of my experiences that means you don’t make the same mistakes, then great – it’s the ‘shiny new thing’ syndrome and it costs a fortune.

Most things I have tried and tested, so they have earnt their place here, others, I may have just come across and so shall update you as I delve deeper myself and offer reviews which I hope you will find helpful

So there we are, First Class Health is launched - a place to hopefully learn something new and if you wish, to buy natural health products and equipment, as recommended by me. Let good health become a habit you don’t want to break.

Here it’s not quite a traditional online shop, a lot of free information will be coming over the next few months and if you do purchase from here, using the links I provide and the discount codes will help me, so I appreciate that. It will help me to continue on my quest to provide you with unbiased, hopefully interesting topics bringing you the latest ‘word on the street’ in health, maybe taking the time to explain a few old favourites and a few random ones, just because!

Thanks for dropping in
Here’s to your good health.