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If you’ve been round my house anytime in the last 10 years and asked for a glass of water, chances are you’ve been part of an ongoing experiment I’ve been doing for quite some time now

One of my favourite subjects – water and how we can improve it – we are, depending how you look at it, between 75-99% water, so it just seems obvious to me, that one of the single biggest things you can do to improve your health, one of the single biggest leaps in improving the odds, is to improve the quality of the water we drink

Remember that cupboard I spoke about? … The one that is like a graveyard of good intentions – where poor, random machines come to die – well there is an embarrassing amount of water filters in there.  One of  the ways you can improve the water you drink is to structure it – simulate what mother nature does in a beautiful natural mountain spring.

Natural Action Technologies – does what it says on the tin – copies what mother earth does naturally, to try and emulate the highest quality of water found in nature

Natural Action Technologies (NAT) water structuring technology devices were invented by researcher Clayton Nolte.

What I love most about this techonology, is that it’s a once in a lifetime buy.  You buy once, no filters, no re-ordering, buy once and you buy for life  – it’s an absolute no brainer in terms of investments in your health

Not only that, but it’s so portable, going away for the weekend? on holiday? … just stick it in your bag.  Take it to the yard and structure all your water troughs in the field – I always take with me when treating clients horses, if they have water buckets in the stable it takes seconds to structure the water before I leave and I leave knowing any energy work I’ve just done will be hugely supported by the action of this water and of course, Pops, my dog, only drinks structured water at home too, (she still loves muddy puddles when she’s out walking mind!)

NAT units, among other things, make water healthy and energized.

So, what is structured water? If you pour a gallon of water into a stream at the top of a mountain and collect it at the bottom, the water becomes transformed by the natural, repeated geometric twisting and double vortexing on its winding path. In this process the water becomes structured. Clayton Nolte’s devices emulate this natural process, and the outcome is the same. The main feature of that transformation is the addition of life force energy. Some refer to this as chi or prana. It is also referred to as biophoton energy, which can now be scientifically measured. It involves how the water molecule is changed and how the surface tension and cluster size of water molecules are reduced.

In layman’s terms, the function of structured water involves cleansing, protecting and energizing life. Its mandate is to protect us from adverse elements (toxins), and enhance those things that are beneficial for life. Structured water can erase imprints of negative energy to which it has been exposed, and aid in more effectively removing toxins from the body due to its increased ability to pick up, surround and isolate toxins. Scientifically, this is often referred to as the colloidal effect. This allows for more efficient removal of toxins through natural elimination and delivers more nutrients and energy at the same time. When combined, this results in better overall health by increased cellular function. The body simply has less toxic load to filter out at the same time it has cleaner more energetic water to be delivered. Structured water is healthy, alive and full of life force energy. When we drink structured water, we drink in the life giving properties of hydration, oxygenation, and nutrient absorption.

All of the water structuring devices that Clayton has developed are a one-time investment for many years of use, no moving parts, no filters to change or parts that wear out so there are no additional ongoing expenses. They all come with the manufacturer’s 90-day money back satisfaction guarantee and 10-year warranty, and free shipping worldwide. Each unit can deliver an unlimited amount of clean hydrating water. It is convenient (enjoy healthy water from your tap with the whole house unit and you can take the portable unit wherever you go, and you can structure any liquid with it – juice, tea, wine etc.)

The many health benefits from structured water include increased hydration and increased bioavailability of nutrients from food and supplements at the cellular level. You can water gardens with less water and have healthier plants and more nutritious food. You can also use this water for showering and increasing the lifespan of household appliances – dishwasher, hot water heating system and reduce or eliminate chemicals in a hot tub.

And if you pour water through the portable unit multiple times, you will increase the bio-photonic output (life force energy) of the water incrementally. You can spray your food at the dinner table with structured water before you eat it, to give it more nutrition and energetically neutralize any possible contaminants like preservatives etc.

For more info : Click here for more info on structured water

Water revitalization generally involves flow forms, magnets or other form of passive water treatment. Because water is considered by many a ‘fluid crystal’ and able to store information.   Revitalization is particularly observed as ‘bringing “life force” back into water’, and the common sense that biology cannot survive without water. There is strong correlative evidence that this “life force” deteriorates in water due to over processing by pressure, heat, radiation, noise, synthetic chemicals etc and by the time it’s come down miles of straight pipes to our kitchen tap, it is by that stage, devoid of any life force. Many teachings current and past, consider its neglect by science as a cardinal error in modern scientific practices.

Like the food we eat, the company we keep, the habits we form and indeed, the water we drink we should always ask ourselves, is this activity adding to my life force or taking away? …

Mankind was designed to drink natural water straight from the source, and we have survived for thousands of years doing just that. The NAT devices emulate water in nature. With that said, we live in a man-made toxic world, so if you are going to drink tap water I would still recommend to also physically filter the water first. I still use tap water for cooking and making tea, but always filtered first.    I recommend structuring your water after the physical filter as a finishing process, to bring the water up to full energetic signature before drinking, just in case there is anything related to the filtration process that brought in some disharmony.

NAT technology helps to energetically neutralize toxins, making water healthier and infusing it with life force energy, just like pristine water in nature. They can be used as stand-alone devices, for example when travelling or away from home or used in conjunction with other physical water filtration systems. Any water can be improved by structuring. If combined with a physical water treatment system, they will greatly improve the quality of the water in ways that physical filtration systems cannot alone. (such as help to lower the surface tension of the water so it is better hydrating, energetically neutralize toxins and erase the memory of them (water takes on the imprint of everything it comes in contact with since coming out of nature), energetically enhance nutrients and infuse it with life force energy (biophotonic energy, also called chi, prana, which can be measured with the right equipment), free up the bound up oxygen and hydrogen in the water making it usable.) Keep in mind that if you physically remove toxins with filters, you will still have the energetics of them in your water unless you structure it. So regardless of the physical filter you may choose, it is always a good idea to also structure your water.

Structured water helps to bring balance and coherence wherever it goes

10 year warranty
90 day money back guarantee

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One of the ways you can improve the water you drink is to structure it – simulate what mother nature does in a beautiful natural mountain spring

Natural Action Technologies copies what mother earth does naturally, to try and emulate the highest quality of water found in nature


Video on how this technology works

Click here for video on how this technology works


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