Personalised, Imprinted, Guided Meditation

Once in a while, something comes along that is so groundbreaking, yet simple you wonder why it has taken so long

I have been a Nes Health Practitioner for many years now and it’s such a beautifully, comprehensive system to work with, with layers upon layers of information revealed in the scan, yet this time I think Nes have surpassed themselves – with their personalised meditations, individual to you, from the results of your current scan – addressing your top priorities and yet also working on unconscious blocks, which by their very nature, being subconscious, you are often unaware of, so don’t know that’s where you have to do the work, all of this plus Nes proprietary imprinted information laid over the relaxing track, which can help shift emotional blockages, revealed in the scan.

With so many physical ailments stemming from unconscious emotional blocks and the benefits of meditation unquestionable, Nes have combined beautifully, the synergy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with futuristic technology and the undoubted value of meditation and I absolutely love it.  Play every day in the comfort of your own home in an easy to listen to 15/20 minute meditation, for accumulative results to positively influence the subconscious blocks we all carry within us

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If, like me, you struggle to meditate, you will love this innovative, progression, which are yours to download and play forever

These are the world’s first personalized and imprinted guided meditations

Take guided meditations to the next level with those that are personalized through a computer-based assessment and imprinted with NES Health proprietary technology.

The body stores subconscious information into its subtle energy fields, and the NES Health bioenergetic assessment taps into these fields to measure what we need to address and what is ready for progress at the subconscious level. This gives us the most efficient way forward in our personal development efforts.

This assessment looks at our personal virtues and beliefs to see where we can better ourselves and release limiting beliefs. It then customizes a meditation specific to YOUR needs, addressing the 3 virtues and 3 beliefs most in need of support through this personalized meditation. Your meditation will be unique to your needs in the moment, guiding you consciously through visualizations and “I am” affirmations around each topic.

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But these meditations are more powerful than that. Through relaxation techniques, guided meditations already attempt to go beyond the mind to influence the subconscious, as we cannot change outwardly without a change on the subconscious level. NES Health uses technology that specifically operates at the subconscious level. NES has decades of proven experience improving people’s health by supporting the mind and body at this level, and our meditations carry this support on the sound waves, making this an “imprinted meditation.”

We open and close the meditation with our most popular support, known as ESR, or Emotional Stress Release. This relaxes and prepares the body to adjust and heal at deep levels. We then provide support for each of the topics covered by the meditation — again, personalized to you. So whatever virtues or beliefs you’re working on with your meditation, you’re getting corrective support at the subconscious level for much more rapid progress in your inner work.

If you’re looking for the most efficient way forward in personal development, in building up your positive qualities and releasing limited beliefs, we believe this is the meditation tool you’ve been looking for.

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