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So a funny thing happened today, I ended up dropping off water samples to South East Water, albeit by mistake, but nonetheless it has prompted me to write this blog, as it got me thinking again of some of the reasons why I love Pear Tree Well mineral water so much.

I always keep Pear Tree Well mineral water in stock, both at home and in the clinic – if you come to me for a consultation, we will always share a bottle whilst we chat.

Anyway, long story short – I took my delivery this week and a miscommunication meant that I also found myself urgently delivering this box of water samples over to the Scientific Services Department of South East Water, to be tested for quality control.

Which reminded me of why this water seems to have such a positive effect on people when they take it

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a water bore – I can’t help it – we are 80% water, so if you can upgrade the quality of the water you are drinking, immediately you have had a positive effect on your health.  There will no doubt be an inordinate amount of the future blogs I shall be posting here that will be on water in some form or another, as over anything else, as it’s just such an important part of your staying healthy tool kit

Pear Tree Well mineral water is naturally richer in trace minerals than most, which gives it a fuller, rounder flavour.



Here is the standard analysis of Pear Tree Well mineral water. (Mg/l is milligrams per litre and ug/l is micrograms per litre.)

Fluoride 156 µg / l
Iron 54 µg / l
Manganese 37 µg / l
Magnesium 70.4 mg / l
Molybdenum 2 µg / l
Phosphorus 14 µg / l
Potassium 5.5 mg/ l
Selenium 1 µg / l
Boron 169 µg / l
Calcium 200 mg / l
Copper 20 µg / l
Chromium 4 µg / l
Silicon 8.7 mg / l
Silver 0.5 µg / l
Strontium 1145 µg / l
Zinc 22 µg / l

Pear Tree Well mineral water has a balanced pH, which is also important for optimal health.
pH = 7.2


I first came across Pear Tree Well mineral water thanks to a client, now sadly passed, when I visited her home, she offered me a bottle and raved about the benefits she had felt since drinking it.  She was very surprised that I had never heard of it, so she gave me one to take with me and when I got home, I duly had a look at their website, was interested to learn more, so picked up the phone and arranged a visit to Sussex.  So I took off with the dogs and was shown the well itself and the bottling process, along with all the hand written letters from grateful customers, it was one from someone with a dog whose health improved, that prompted me to fill my boot up with stock, as at the time, I had an elderly dog that I just wanted to do everything I possibly could to help him.

This mineral water is bottled at source in  Sussex, and came about after a story which in itself is incredible.

Pear Tree Well mineral water comes from a source 120 feet deep and confined beneath a 5 ft thick layer of rock.

When the water is drawn from the well, it is the first time it has seen the light of day for many thousands of years, truly pure and unadulterated.

The mineral water is both pure and perfectly balanced, containing at least 16 natural minerals and trace elements, with zero nitrates and a balanced pH

You’ll notice that it contains silver, known as an antimicrobial substance for thousands of years – back in the day, the wealthy would store their water in silver containers so it would keep better and they would eat off a silver platter, with silver cutlery – where the saying ‘born with a silver spoon in their mouth’ comes from

There is a home delivery service and you can order glass bottles, or buy a large 10 litre container, to hold onto, whilst re-ordering the 5 litre refills.  Pear Tree Well recycle and re-use all packaging.

You can read about the incredible story behind the beginnings of Pear Tree Well water on their website here

It was only once David started selling the water to other people that the positive feedback started to filter in, it was never sold as a health product and Pear Tree Well does not claim to treat or cure any disease or condition, however, the testimonials continued to flood in and still do to this day, this being born out when a customer who picked up from me this week, mentioned how running out was not an option for her, such were the benefits she felt.   It’s a wonderful thing to offer to your pets too, they love it.

Water is a liquid crystal with a pliable matrix that is capable of adopting many forms – the structure of water gives it its ‘memory’ – an infinite capacity to store information within it.  One of the many reasons you don’t want to drink water straight from the tap


Your body’s ability to absorb water depends upon the purity and structure of the water – living cells absorb pure water in preference to other liquids, keeping them, and you, fully hydrated.

Here using a method called Kirlian photography, to show the structure and vitality of tap water, compared with the photograph below of Pear Tree Well mineral water, what a difference …

You can clearly see for yourself the structure and vitality of Pear Tree Well water against the lifeless, recycled, chemically treated, tap water.



You can see the vibrance, the structure and vitality of Pear Tree Well mineral water here – what a stark contrast.  This is the indefinable life force we seek by eating our fruits straight from the tree or bush, why we eat organic apples compared to sat on the shelf for weeks, non-organic supermarket apples and our organic vegetables straight from the ground

Pear Tree Well water is pure, naturally structured water, untouched by human hands, that allows maximum moisture absorption into the cells of our bodies. Proper hydration will greatly increase your health by supporting nutrient absorption and toxin elimination, leading to a healthy immune system and increased vitality.


They are a friendly and approachable lot in the office and always pleased to see you if you want to pop down and pick up your own – you’ll certainly never get fresher, straight from the source water, my clients delivery was being bottled at 2pm on Thursday and I was dropping off to her door at 5pm.

I usually place a regular order once a month, so do call me if you’d like to pick up from me, otherwise call Angie in the office on 01825 890444 as they do deliver nationwide

For more details, or you can order straight from their website

Helen x

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