Finally – Certified Organic Dog Food, free from GMOs

Why? Because you’re dog is worth it

I’m a firm believer of addressing the diet in dogs as a first port of call and with just the elimination of harmful chemicals and the toxic burden on your dogs digestive system, you can often see a multitude of sins disappear, but what are the best choices for your dog?

I’ve been feeding raw for a number of years and my dogs have certainly done very well on it – until a few months ago, when Pops just started turning her nose up at various dishes she was presented with.  Going off their food can often be a good indication something is wrong, but by switching brands and flavours, there was absolutely no issue there, but it was getting expensive as I was throwing away food and there was no consistency to her dislikes!

I asked a good friend, who is forensic in her research on these things, what I could do about this and she recommended I try ROCKETO – dehydrated, raw, organic dog food

Please click here for ingredients and more information on all things ROCKETO on their website

Pops has already quickly given it the hearty thumbs up – and I like the fact that you don’t have to remember to unfreeze it and by adding warm water to rehydrate it, you are feeding at body temperature, rather than cold, which I think Pops just didn’t enjoy so much

The more I learn about ROCKETO and the care that goes into every aspect of making their dog food, the more impressed I’ve been.  The ‘heart’ behind the company is good, that indefinable thing, you can’t put your finger on, but that feeling you get when you start to ask questions and those questions are welcomed and in turn, educated in response – I do like to dig beyond the marketing and I’ve been met with frankness, friendliness, shared information and education, on all fronts so far.

ROCKETO is sustainable, their fruits and vegetables are pesticide and herbicide free and entirely procured from eco-farming, they are free from grains, legumes, GMO and they do not use growth hormones  or any other artificial substances or synthetics .  When other companies  dry their food at high temperature, they destroy all the natural vitamins and enzymes, so then have to add back in synthetic versions at the end of the process.

Gently air drying at just under 40ºC ensures the natural nutrients are retained.

At the moment, Pops is currently enjoying the Certified Organic, Grass-Fed Beef recipe, all 100% human-grade ingredients from certified organic farms or ethically wild sourced, the recipes always follow the latest scientific research on dogs wellbeing


Benefits of using ROCKETO dog food are :

Bulletproof immune system

Improved digestion

Healthier skin and coat

Improved stools

Better general smell

Controlled weight

Effect of anti-inflammation


Organic – This food is made from 100% human-grade ingredients from organic certified sustainable farms or ethically wild sourced.

Dehydrated raw – The fresh, raw ingredients are gently air-dried at just under 40ºC ensuring the vitamins, nutrients and enzymes remain in tact and so keeping all the nutritional benefits of a raw food diet

Low-Carb – Low carbohydrate levels have been found to be present in the natural prey of our ancestral dogs/wolves and ROCKETO ensure this is met within their food.  There carbohydrates are largely raw, natural fibre, with all the benefits that brings to the the dog’s digestive tract

So, if you have tried many dog food options but none of them seemed to delight your furry friend, well, no worries, as me and Pops have found,  there are still amazing options out there – try out @rocketodogfood – the award winning dehydrated, raw, organic dog food that is healthy and environmentally friendly and get 20% off your order + free delivery

Just eat real food, is what I say to my clients all the time – it can be expensive, yes, but you find a way to make it work around your budget.  Even just adding this food to your dogs diet in part, will massively benefit their health.  Anyone who’s been unfortunate enough to have had a dog in ill health, will know the cost of that soon adds up pretty quickly.  Prevention, is the key, stacking all the odds in your dogs favour – by making sure their nutritional needs are met.  What do we make new blood cells from? … the food we ate yesterday.  What feeds the organs? … the blood.  How healthy is your dog food really, does it tick all the boxes above?   So for what can appear to be a short term saving, will you end up paying for it in the long term, in terms of your dogs health.  Just as with us – let’s face it, most humans don’t know how to feed themselves, let alone our pets – we have a big responsibility when we take on a dog, and the many decisions we make for them, let’s at least make this one, a good one

Use this link to get  20% off your purchase  (various subscription options available) – you can go full in and your lucky dog will get to live like a king (or a wolf), if in these strange times, you need to stretch that out a little further, then try feeding ROCKETO  just once a day alongside your old favourite or even every other day, and wait for the waggy tails to say thank you for taking as much care with your dogs diet, as we do with our own – we all know ‘you are what you eat’ and now your dog can enjoy healthy, organic, free from crap food as much as the rest of the family.




  1. Fiona Gover on May 21, 2020 at 9:28 pm

    What about neospora? This is killed by deep freezing raw food making it safe but is it killed with your process?

    • Helen on May 21, 2020 at 10:34 pm

      Hi Fiona
      Thanks for your question which I had to go to Rocketo to double check, they are super helpful and just came back with this reply
      “Hi Helen
      Our food is deep frozen prior to drying, it is delivered frozen to the drying facility to ensure maximum freshness, so neospora is killed before we start processing
      Loving these questions! Great informed clients
      In addition the dehydration of the foods also kills all Parasites, including this, so doubly safe
      C x
      hope that helps 🙂

      • Rachel James on June 6, 2020 at 2:19 pm

        Please can you produce cat food as well or could I use your dog food for my cat?

        • Helen on June 6, 2020 at 3:24 pm

          Hi Rachel
          Thanks for your interest. I don’t actually work for Rocketo, I just found it great quality food for my dog and wanted to share my discovery with my clients and readers! It’s a great question though, so I just contacted their Holistic Health Practitioner and she said yes, it is very safe for cats and many people already feed to their cats. The good news is, they will be doing cat food next year. So watch this space! Their cat recipes will have less botanicals and specific nutrient balance for cats, but prior to that, their dog food is still way better than most cat foods on the market already 🙂 If you have any questions re the taurine levels, it would be a good idea to check with the vet who works with Rocketo helping to formulate the food – he is a mine of information and he is there to answer these exact sort of questions. Do reach out to him through the Rocketo website contact page, anytime, or you can email I believe they are also doing some videos on their facebook page, I think called Ask the Vet! Always best to make sure. Perhaps try a sample pack to see what flavours your cat prefers x

    • Hils McKay on June 7, 2020 at 7:42 am

      Hello, this sounds like an amazing diet!

      Our shihpoo is 16 months old and recently had to undergo surgery to remove two hug arriviste stones from her bladder.

      Would Rocketo be suitable for prevention of more stones in the future?

      Thank you

      • Helen on June 7, 2020 at 9:01 am

        Hi Fiona
        Yes it’s is amazing! There is also so much done behind the scenes to ensure only the best quality ingredients are used, which is important in maintaining the health of our dogs.

        Please could you email this question to as all medical questions have to be passed by the vet. You are absolutely right to be thinking in terms of prevention, and I want to make sure you get the best possible advice for your lovely little dog. Thanks for your interest 🙂

        Helen x

  2. Colette on May 24, 2020 at 1:01 am

    Can you still feed raw bones etc when feeding this food?

    • Helen on May 26, 2020 at 12:17 pm

      Hi Colette
      Yes, you can offer Rocketo as either a stand alone food or add it to your current regime as a top up, the options are endless, so yes you can very much still feed raw bones alongside. Also Rocketo have a Vet available for any particular dietary questions you may have and I’ve found them to be really helpful (and very patient with all my questions too) 🙂

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