Cleaning is good for your health? …

Since when?  I bet you never heard that before!

Since using probiotics (microbes) and ditching your chemically laden cleaning products – not only is it good for your health, it’s also good for you pets health and the planet too

How about if cleaning your house was actually good for the environment?

Not just chemical free, but products that left the world a better place …

That’s a big claim.  How can a cleaning product actually be good for the environment? … Simple, by using products that when they are flushed down the loo, sink or drain, they will keep on working to improve our waste water

I just love the Microbz cleaning products, they are packed full of little microbes, who just love to eat all the dirt and dust around your home and even better, they are perfectly safe to use around children and pets.

How many times have you cleaned the bathroom and needed to take a deep breath to avoid breathing in all the toxic fumes? …  Ingredients in chemical cleaners are breathed in and can also be absorbed through the skin, where once inside your body, can compromise the bacterial diversity in your guy microbiota.  You have no worries with these little guys, trillions of microbes who are just ready to break down all the grime around your home.  Remember not to spray and immediately wipe,  give the little guys chance to get to work, breaking down any manner of horrible deposits around the house.  My house feels so much lighter, sometimes I’ll just go round the whole house and spray everything and then go off out, come back and another quick spray and wipe down with a dry cloth and all is so clean it’s remarkable

Even better, every time you use them, they coat every surface, so that eventually the bad guys can’t get a foothold.  Microbial cleaners continue working long after they have been applied.  They build up a bio-film of beneficial bacteria, just like probiotics do in our gut, so that even after the initial clean the bacteria continue to protect surfaces and fabrics and break down pathogens, so less cleaning is required.  Microbz are a powerful, effective cleaning agent

Do you have a septic tank?  Chances are if you use Microbz Clean and Clear, you won’t have to pay to have it emptied again, so good are our little friends at their job, that they literally break down all organic matter to use as energy – can you imagine the impact this would have in London sewers on those fatbergs, if everyone changed to these cleaning products?  Drains Clean and Clear keeps all waste pipes clear and odour free, simply and naturally.  Microbes love to break down solid waste, so why not harness their power to clear drains and remove unwanted odours.  They efficiently digest organic material, including fats and grease.  Perfect for septic tanks to maintain a natural digestion process and reduce sediment.  Potentially save on septic tank maintenance costs (note : do not use any chemical cleaners around the house at all or you will kill all the good guys!) and ensure that water released into the environment is cleaner and purer

Watch Jeff’s video explaining more here : Give your septic tank a helping hand with microbes

There’s been a mad push of late for anti-bacterial handwash and products to kill 99.999% of germs.  Bacteria are everywhere, most live in harmony with us and do a great job in the gut in helping us digest our food, we have a biome of sorts in so many things, not just our gut, but all over our body, in our mouth, our brain and on our skin where microbes are crucial for breaking down the skin you shed and of course, your home too has it’s own healthy biome

By using anti-bacterial products you think you’re eradicating harmful germs.  In fact surfaces wiped with antibacterial products recolonise within 20 minutes and harmful bacteria can mutate to resist anti-bacterial chemicals, they’ve learned to defend themselves and can spread these genes to other neighbouring bacteria within minutes

Work with nature, not against it

Microbes feed off dirt, dust and grime, in fact anything organic they break down, even in the septic tank!  So you can feel good using a drain cleaner that is harmless to people and the environment.  They continue working long after they have been applied

As you flush bleach, toxic drain cleaner and other chemicals down the drain, these chemicals end up harming nature, they end up in our water, our food and in us. Industrial pollution has been found at the deepest most remotest parts of the ocean (deeper than Mount Everest is high!) and Mount Everest didn’t fare much better – snow tested at the top of Mount Everest is below standards for drinking water.  Imagine, millions of people flushing toxic chemicals down their drains every single day … we need to stop and think and do something different

With the average household routinely using around 300 chemicals around the home, this is yet another burden for our body to deal with on a regular basis.  Our pets are sometimes the canary in the coalmine and often it takes a lot less to cause harm to our beloved pets, be it air fresheners, carpet cleaners,  floor cleaners, all can be replaced with natural, pet friendly options, such as the Air and Fabric Freshener which is enriched with live active cultures and can be sprayed anywhere with eau de smelly dog, even directly onto dogs beds.  They neutralise odours – they eat smelly organic matter and use it as energy

By spraying your home with probiotics you will introduce positive bacteria, which naturally combat pathogenic or harmful bacteria and indoor air pollution.   It not only aims to neutralise unpleasant smells but also creates an environment where mites and other allergenic bacteria cannot survive (also good for smelly trainers too I’m told!)

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A study in Italy carried out by the Universita di Ferrara, showed that in the medium to long term a microbial cleaner provided better control of harmful bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas species and Candida albicans) compared to disinfectant chemicals in a hospital.  When you clean a surface with a chemical, bleach based product, all of the bacteria are killed.  In the neutral environment that is left typically, the biggest, baddest bugs colonise the area and are more likely to mutate in response to being nuked, if you clean with a microbial cleaner you are simply rebalancing the microbes in that surface with good bacteria who fight off and neutralise pathogens

Research also shows that after 4 weeks of using Microbz probiotic cleaners on a range of surfaces, they are, on average, over 90% cleaner than using chemical cleaners.

When cleaned with regular chemical cleaners, toilets seat have high levels of bacteria, but new research shows that after 4 weeks of being cleaned with Microbz probiotic cleaner they have 97% less pathogenic bacteria

Light switches are constantly touched.  They are a breeding ground for bad bugs being transferred around the family.  After 4 weeks of being cleaned with Microbz probiotic cleaner they have 98% less pathogenic bacteria

In December 2019, a review article listed 15 studies in hospitals and dental clinics since 2003, all of which record a significant reduction in surface pathogens after using a probiotic bacterial cleaner, rather than the routine chemicals. The results showed that using beneficial microbes not only controlled surface contamination by harmful microbes, but also worked effectively over time to maintain low levels of those pathogens.

Microbial cleaners do no harm.  You can watch the water disappear down the drain safe in the knowledge that no animals will be harmed and in fact, this waste water could even be contributing to building another thriving ecosystem, as most of our water is chlorinated to kill bacteria, as always, this kills the good with the bad and water has a biome too – so we can do our bit to help put the balance of nature back into our water

I’ve been using Microbz products personally for many years before I began recommending them to my clients.  They are eco friendly and economical, gentle on skin, allergy friendly and 100% natural, importantly, safe for children (exposing your children to beneficial bacteria will strengthen their immune system) and pets and will enjoy breaking down dirt and grease in the drains too

They have so many uses, not only for the family and our animals health, but around the home, garden, fields and stables too.  Microbz are also a lovely family run company with good hearts and values and a lovely vision, and they are mad about microbes, and I hope when you discover the many benefits, so you may be too

Chemical free cleaners are a good start – but probiotic cleaners go one step further, they not only devour dirt, grease and grime, but they also decrease the number of pathogenic bacteria, overcrowding the surface with good bacteria and making sure the bad bacteria cannot evolve and mutate and it gets better – ensure that water released into the environment is cleaner and purer

Ecofriendly too – The best way to reduce the carbon footprint and plastic waste is to stop shipping water! Just buy the Microbz concentrate and add the water at home

Use the code King10 for a 10% discount


Microbz make bio live cultures, also known as probiotics, for your health, home, garden and animals.

All products are 100% natural and chemical free. They are hand brewed in Wiltshire by a dedicated team who cares about creating happy and healthy environments.


Give them a try 🙂


Helen x

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