We spend so much time in our home, let’s make it a place where you are in harmony with your environment, as much as is possible.

Whether that means turning your mobile phone and WiFi off over night, looking more closely at the products you use on your garden, or taking a long hard look at your cleaning products, seeing if, where possible, that they not only do no harm, but that they are potentially beneficial to the environment, that our responsibility doesn’t end once they are flushed down our toilets and possibly end up in our rivers and oceans.

Let me say now, not all companies are in the same place, some have got a way to go.  I am not claiming this site to be the holy grail of environmentally sound products, but it is so important, that the ones I shall be highlighting for going the extra mile, I am proud to be aligned with.

I hope to cover a diverse range of subjects to help make your home a haven, a place where you can truly recover and regenerate from the days hard work and that may just be opening the windows, breathing, moving more, having quiet time for yourself or just hugging the dog.

First Class Health for Your Environment