Lots of people now take great care with their own lifestyle choices but don’t extend these choices to their animals.

Finding natural solutions for all,  and where possible keeping the toxic burden to an absolute minimum, will go some way towards maintaining health in your family, for all creatures great and small.

We can really start to look at some of the life choices we make for our animals.

We’ve all done it, often through nothing more than loving ignorance, it took a while to dawn on me too.  Decisions we make for our ourselves, should be no different to the ones we make for our animals, in fact we have more of a moral responsibility as they don’t have a say in a lot of the things they are exposed to.

As we learn more about the benefits of simple lifestyle changes on our own health, let’s share the benefits and try and adopt a preventative approach to the wellbeing of our beloved pets.

Let me share with you some of the strategies I use to support a healthy lifestyle for our four legged friends.