When the whole World is at a Choice Point

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Once in a while, we all reach a Choice Point in our lives.  These are times when sometimes awful things happen and it can send us on on a different trajectory to the one we were unwittingly on.  What is it that makes some people swim and some people sink, at the first sign of tragedy? …

It can be as simple as making that decision, that this is not going to break me, or most often, can be completely unconscious decision to get on with things and make the best of it.  So when things happen, you might have lost your job or someone close to you, suffered a harsh break up or some other injustice – you have a choice, to either spiral up or spiral down.

You often hear people say, ‘Well if that hadn’t happened to me, I’d never be where I am now’ – so life is about opportunities and can change on the twists and turns of a dice, like snakes and ladders, there are no guarantees that life is going to be smooth sailing, but there are tools to help you if you do find yourself facing adversity or even just feeling stuck in a rut.

When the initial lockdown first happened, Nes Health offered their Choice Point Course free to everyone.  This course which is normally £200 has been a great help to my clients – the thinking is that 2020 has been a year where the whole world has been at a Choice Point – so how much better for humanity, if we all have the tools to handle this great shift with aplomb and come out of this in an even better state of mind, health and with tools to deal with all that life throws at us.

I understand many may be undergoing difficult times right now. So, I wanted to take a minute to reach out to you and let you know about this free resource I have available to help support you on your healing journey.

For my current Nes Health clients – go to your Nes Health portal, go to Courses, add to your basket and checkout for free – you will then find the course in the Education section of your portal.  (If you need any help with this, just give me a call and we’ll get you sorted easily or we can arrange a quick zoom session where I can introduce you to all the benefits you have available in your portal).

Not a client?  … No matter – just get in touch with me via email – helen@firstclasstherapies.com or click here Sign up here

and we can get you set up in no time with a Nes Health account, where you can also take advantage of a free digital book Energy4Life, imprinted music, webinars and so much more.

It’s called the Choice Point Course and its full of goal achievement, inspiration, guided videos, self-reflection quizzes, and more; perfect for taking at your leisure! 

What does our Choice Point Course Include?

  • A goal setting guide, “10 Principles of Goal Achievement”
  • Inspirational & motivational quotes
  • The full 18 step guided course — each step inclusive of:
  • A full video
  • An option to download the full video transcript
  • A full lesson with PDF download option
  • A self-reflection quiz



So often, we focus on the physical aspects of healing, completely overlooking the mind and body connection. Adjust your focus by contacting me to get the entire 18-party Choice Point Course, for free!



We’re currently in the middle of a Global Choice Point, where the choices we make today, will not only affect each of us individually, but also the world at large. Are we changing ourselves or just blaming others for where we are going? Will you choose the love of power or the power of love?

I’m so excited to be able to provide this course to you for free. I hope using this wonderful resource to make the best of the current situation and focus on your emotional immunity will really help you.


Stay safe and healthy!

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