Helen King
Natural Health Consultant

I started First Class Therapies back in 2004 and since then I have never stopped learning. When I  first began my training back at Raworth International, I looked at the nutritionists at my college with suspicion, they always bought their lunch in in little Tupperware containers and seemed to live on nuts and seeds and things I had never seen before, me on the other hand, I was still rocking up at college with Red Bull and strawberry laces, with no idea why I was crashing and burning by late morning when I needed a little sleep at my desk.  I don’t think I ate a vegetable until I was 40, so it’s been a slow process for me, one I’ve struggled with at times and embraced wholeheartedly at others.  As with everything, we seek balance in life and without our health, pretty much everything else is irrelevant.  So I hope to be able to simplify things, inspire you, educate you, introduce you to new things and of course, there will be some things you will already know.

From world class Doctors, mad Professors, Scientists, Plant Shamans and Naturopaths, I have been introduced to some amazing people,  therapies and products over the years, that I love to share with my clients.  Most of us now realise the importance of diet and there are many brilliant websites and lots of information out there covering all aspects of the food we eat – ‘just eat good food’ is a given nowadays

Over the last few years, I have moved away from clients rocking up and going “Helen, fix me!” to educating my clients in how to take care of themselves, to take responsibility for their health back and learn to care for their families, animals and home, in harmony with nature.

It’s the little things we do every day that have an accumulative effect, we are the sum total of everything we have done to ourselves over the last few years, so at any time, it’s within our power to change the course of our future health.

After each consultation I would be sending out a number of emails to clients, often they would then ask me to send information over to their friends and family on various products, so I thought it would make sense to have one place where all of that information could be accessed, and products ordered easily by everyone, hence First Class Health was born.


Helen King


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